Freelance Pronunciation Research
/ ‘frē-læn(t)s prә-,nәn(t)-sē-‘ā-shәn ‘rē-sәrch /

As a narrator myself, I have a good idea of what a narrator needs in a research spreadsheet.  I’m efficient, meticulous, and obsessive  compulsive um, tenacious.  My clients have included major publishers and individual narrators.

My rates range from $35 – $50 an hour, depending on the script.  Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about a project and my availability.


As a gift to our colleagues in the industry, fellow narrator Judith West and I created the pronunciation resource site  For over 10 years, it has been a core resource for narrators and directors, with more than 100 annotated entries sorted by Topic and Language, as well as a section for Dialect and Accent resources.

Judith and I have backgrounds in literary performance, annotation, and lexicography, and we have had a grand time curating AudioEloquence.  We’re grateful for ongoing contributions and suggestions from our colleagues in the industry.

Dramaturgy and Production Research

I have worked for theater companies on both coasts as a production dramaturg*, providing historical background, line-reading guidance, play translation, interpretation, audience talks, program notes, research for design crew and actors, lesson plans for teachers, rehearsal notes, and continuity feedback.

Although my focus is on the audiobook industry these days, I still do some dramaturgy and performance consulting.  Contact me if you’d like to discuss a project.


*Yep, dramaturg (hard “g”; no “e” at the end) — that’s my preference, anyway.