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Name: Heather Henderson
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  1. A Narrator’s Joy: The Curve of Time — July 4, 2014
  2. A Tribute to Audio Engineers — February 20, 2014
  3. A Love Story — August 7, 2012
  4. My Thanksgiving Adventure — November 27, 2011
  5. The Magic of the Studio — October 11, 2011

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A Narrator’s Joy: The Curve of Time

  I’m so proud to announce the release of my latest audiobook, M. Wylie Blanchet’s memoir The Curve of Time. It is the first audio production of this beloved classic – and for me, it’s the fulfillment of a career-long dream. I searched for years for a producer who would share my commitment to it and… Continue reading »


A Tribute to Audio Engineers

Audio engineers are some of my favorite people.   They tend to be pretty mellow, which makes them a blessedly steady presence in the studio and a good counterpoint to my, um, effervescent emotions. They’re always ready with a comeback to any line I quote from Star Trek, Firesign Theatre, Firefly, or Monty Python.  I am in… Continue reading »


A Love Story

In 1979, I fell in love with a guy named Dave. Yeah, I know–I was a little mystified by this myself.  From the outside, we couldn’t have seemed more different.  I was a prissy English major at the University of Oregon with my eye on academia; he was a science geek at U of O… Continue reading »


My Thanksgiving Adventure

It’s been a busy month for me work-wise, for which I am grateful.  Holiday advertising is in full swing, which means voiceovers — for which I am also grateful.  And I just finished narrating one book and am starting into another* — again, grateful! But I was sure looking forward to a day off at… Continue reading »


The Magic of the Studio

One of the most enjoyable voiceovers I ever did was an online calculus course for Cengage Learning.  I spent maybe 60 hours recording things like: [audio:https://heatherannehenderson.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/ELearningCalculusSample.mp3|titles=ELearningCalculusSample] At the time I was doing this job, my father was very ill, and my siblings and I were sharing the care of him.  I’d go into each session… Continue reading »


An Audition Abroad (Thanks to Linkedin)

I have a love-hate thing with social media.  I don’t like how much time it can suck up, but I love how many great connections it has given me.  (I also love composing snarky tweets, but those don’t enhance my business as well.) A case in point is how I came to voice this ad:… Continue reading »


Amish Romance: Behind the Mic

I’m expecting the script to arrive soon for The Survivor, the third in Shelley Shepard Gray’s “Families of Honor” series, which I’ve been recording for Blackstone Audio.  (The second in the series, The Protector, was just released.) This series was my first exposure to the Amish sub-genre of the Christian sub-genre of the Romance genre, and I… Continue reading »


Look, Ma — No Noise Floor!

My new soundproof booth has passed all road tests with flying colors!  I’ve narrated one book in there so far with beautiful results, and I love having both my commercial and my audiobook mics set up so that I can switch back and forth during the day as needed. My DH (who built it evenings over the… Continue reading »


The Intriguing Genre of Amish Romance

Come on, you’re wondering what they’re like, right?  Here’s my newest audiobook narration from Blackstone — and sequels are coming!


I Heart Good Producers

Good copy  makes my day.  Who doesn’t love characters or comedy?  But even if it’s a straight read on a :30 radio ad, a well-written script is so much easier to nail.  The same goes for good videography; if it’s done right, I just sound that much better! So a big thanks to my client… Continue reading »

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